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PokéFreak and Kiko
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PFreak: The Arabians, ready for the Crossover with Dragonball.... Z.... Z Kai... whatever! XD

Kiko: I first wanted to put roses there, but I got sceared, when I saw Mr. Saudis eyes. So I've put camellias instead.

PFreak: And yes, there's a new character, that hasn't been introduced in our FanManga yet. The pretty, young woman on the left.

Kiko: Dear readers, say Hi to: Syria! ^^

There's always^^ - Two of us.^^


PokeFreak: Literally a Freak. It all started with Pokémon (and ends with Hetalia?). Makes up stories since she can think and writes them since she's learned the meaning of letters (I just don't release every crap XD). Lives in Switzerland since forever (If I die, I want my afterlive to be a free travel to each anime world I'd like to go. THIS is heaven!). She's got creepy ears by the way.
" Hi there! Nice to meet ya! Call me PFreak! ^o^ "

Kiko: Wasn't that long an Otaku, unlike PFreak. Loves art, but doesn't like it to be called an artist. Gets very soon embarressed and even if she was born and always lived in Switzerland, she can't get used to couples kissing in public. Her parents are 100% Tunisian. Proud to be Arabian and is interested in culture of other countries like, of course, Japan. But was raised only with German and the basics of English. Unfortuanetly, can't read Arabic. ^^°
Gets easily influenced by PFreak (It's not like I wanted to be an Otaku, dear readers...).
" Hello. Nice to meet you. Please call me Kiko. "

PokeFreak and Kiko: Two characters as real as OCs.

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How intresting read and learn more about arabic countries ^^
Nice and fun comics =)
Kamadoka13 Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He, hello...
may I borrow your Saudi Arabia OC for a meme? :iconhideplz: don't worry I'll not make him OOC //shot
Sure.  -  Just give us credit, please. Like, mention us in the description for our OC.^^
Rosalina-sparkles Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Hello! I love your comics so much and im interested in two certain character that i would love to appear soon
and that would be iraq and iran 
Thanks! ^^  -  Hopefully, they will.
wikikid Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
cool fan comic
Thanks!  -  Thank you.
FAECHAN Jan 3, 2014  Student Artist
hi i really liked your fan comics about hetalia i hope you make more
Thanks! ^^  -  I will, as soon as I finished an other certain short Manga. ^^
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