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Hi there guys and gals! I wonder how many Deviants already made the first part of the title XD
However, thanks SO MUCH FOR OVER 9000 VIEWS! You guys are AWESOME! It all started with Naruto... and will end with Hetalia?

Da, who knows. :D

Let's continue, before PFreak makes more unnecessary references that may lead to nobody reading this any further.
I too have to say a BIG SHOUKRAN to all our dear readers. We know that most of our watchers clicked the watch button for our Hetalia related deviations. Especially 'HETALIA (Arabic Style)'.

We still (well basically me, since I have to illustrate it -.-°) have to finish some things, before we finally can end Chapter 3 of HAS and move on to the next step of revealing more interesting Arab countries existing in our circle that is the earth.
I personally am not really a fan of pronouncing things that aren't done yet, since one never knowns what can happen before and I hate disappointing others.

But I guess we can at least tell you the names of the planned next new characters for Chapter 4 of HAS:

PokéFreak: Aaaaaaand those are:

- Syria! (even though she appeared before)
- Jordan!
- Irak!
- Lebanon!
- MAYBE Palestine!

with Egypt

The Mashreq countries, duh! ^^

Kiko: We're enjoying making this series and we also learn more about other countries and about the Arab world in general. Even though certain strips can be pretty funny-random (Penguin~). ^^

HAS will continue on, insha'lla.

Hetalia forever! ^^  -  ^^
PokéFreak and Kiko


PokeFreak-Kiko's Profile Picture
PokéFreak and Kiko
Artist | Hobbyist

There's always^^ - Two of us.^^


PokeFreak: Literally a Freak. It all started with Pokémon (and ends with Hetalia?). Makes up stories since she can think and writes them since she's learned the meaning of letters (I just don't release every crap XD). Lives in Switzerland since forever (If I die, I want my afterlive to be a free travel to each anime world I'd like to go. THIS is heaven!). She's got creepy ears by the way.
" Hi there! Nice to meet ya! Call me PFreak! ^o^ "

Kiko: Wasn't that long an Otaku, unlike PFreak. Loves art, but doesn't like it to be called an artist. Gets very soon embarressed and even if she was born and always lived in Switzerland, she can't get used to couples kissing in public. Her parents are 100% Tunisian. Proud to be Arab and is interested in culture of other countries like, of course, Japan. But was raised only with German and the basics of English. Unfortuanetly, can't read Arabic. ^^°
Gets easily influenced by PFreak (It's not like I wanted to be an Otaku, dear readers...).
" Hello. Nice to meet you. Please call me Kiko. "

PokeFreak and Kiko: Two characters as real as OCs.


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