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PokeFreak (English):

So, since this is more of my business, theres only one of us going to write about this matter. Hi there! ^^
As you read in the title: DIGIMON ADVENTURE 3!!! A dream for every older Fan of good old Digimon. One of them is me!
My God I LOVED the first two season! In German of course. ^^ It's my childhood right there! Well, besides Pokemon of course... and Yugioh... and Sailor Moon... However I wouldn't mind looking it in Japanese with subtitles.

THE POINT OF THIS JOURNAL is: At the Digimon's Webside, the only information you get about the story is that Tai(chi)'s going to be seventeen years old... and that's it. -.- To get more information we apparently have to beat up Scumon (in other words playing Mimi XD), which is blocking a certain giant Digi-Egg. All ya have to do is to simply click on it. I would be really happy if Fans (Or even Non-Fans) would take this little time to simply make this click. I'LL PERSONALLY DO IT EVERY DAY. XD
You may or may not do it, but it would be really nice of you. Pretty please? :3

Link to the annoying Scumon:


PokeFreak (German):

Also, weil das mehr meine Angelegenheit ist, wird bloß eine von uns darüber schreiben. Hallöchen, ihr~ ^^
Wie ihr schon im Titel lesen könnt: DIGIMON ADVENTURE 3!!!
Ein Traum für jeden älteren Fan vom guten, alten Digimon. Einer davon bin ich!
Mein Gott, ich hab' die ersten zwei Staffel GELIEBT! 'Türlich auf Deutsch. ^^ Das ist total meine Kindheit! Na ja, neben Pokemon natürlich... und Yugioh... und Sailor Moon...
Jedenfalls, hät' nichts dagegen das in Japanisch mit Untertitel zu gucken.

DER PUNKT DIESES JOURNALS IST: Die einzige Information über die Geschichte, die man im Digimon-Webside erhält, ist, dass Tai(chi) siebzehn sein wird... und das war's. -.- Um mehr Infos zu bekommen muss man anscheinend Sukamon verprügeln (Also Mimi spielen XD), das ein bestimmtes, riesiges Digiei blockiert. Alles was man machen muss, ist einfach darauf zu klicken. Ich wär' richtig happy, wenn Fans (oder gar Nicht-Fans) sich das bisschen Zeit nehmen würden, um einfach diesen Klick zu machen. ICH PERSÖNLICH TU ES JEDEN TAG. XD
Ihr müsst nicht, aber es wär' echt lieb von euch. Bitte mit Zucker obendrauf? :3

Link zum nervigen Sukamon:



PokeFreak-Kiko's Profile Picture
PokéFreak and Kiko
Artist | Hobbyist
There's always^^ - Two of us.^^


PokeFreak: Literally a Freak. It all started with Pokémon (and ends with Hetalia?). Makes up stories since she can think and writes them since she's learned the meaning of letters (I just don't release every crap XD). Lives in Switzerland since forever (If I die, I want my afterlive to be a free travel to each anime world I'd like to go. THIS is heaven!). She's got creepy ears by the way.
" Hi there! Nice to meet ya! Call me PFreak! ^o^ "

Kiko: Wasn't that long an Otaku, unlike PFreak. Loves art, but doesn't like it to be called an artist. Gets very soon embarressed and even if she was born and always lived in Switzerland, she can't get used to couples kissing in public. Her parents are 100% Tunisian. Proud to be Arabian and is interested in culture of other countries like, of course, Japan. But was raised only with German and the basics of English. Unfortuanetly, can't read Arabic. ^^°
Gets easily influenced by PFreak (It's not like I wanted to be an Otaku, dear readers...).
" Hello. Nice to meet you. Please call me Kiko. "

PokeFreak and Kiko: Two characters as real as OCs.

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NorthMoonAlaska Featured By Owner 6 hours ago
Thanks your for the watch !
PokeFreak-Kiko Featured By Owner 6 hours ago  Hobbyist
You're very welcome~  -  ^^
butthea Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I like your drawings.
PokeFreak-Kiko Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Hobbyist
Kiko: Thank you. ^^
melonstyle Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014
Hiii, I just wanted to say kudos for the fact that you're doing works on countries which are often ignored or overlooked by fandom. I just have a question in regards to Tunisia's design? She looks more like a random character from Magi than an actual representative of Tunisia, and it's mostly due to the hair colouring and the random star tacked onto her face (though I'm assuming the star's because of the flag?). Would you mind explaining that? Because I think the other OCs look pretty good, but I don't really understand Tunisia's design and I kinda feel it brings her down a bit compared to the others. ^^;
PokeFreak-Kiko Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Hobbyist
PokeFreak: Okay, that's a long one. Well first, thanks for the comment and your interest. We really appreciate it. And now about Tunisia. Yes the star is because of the flag, just like Algerias, Libyas, etc. (Plus in the eyes). The hair coloring is inspired by the red-white flag. Her hair is usually a mix of red and rose/pink, because it kind of suits her as a female version of Tunisia. So a mix from red and white. ^^. If you read 'HAS - The Maghreb Countries', you may also notice that every country's got a certain amount of moons with stars (Just like their flags). It is NOT any sort of assessment or valuation. It is simly to make them different even with the same marks. The reason for those 'random' characteristics is simply to make their appearances stronger. Especially as Mochis. I actually put more mind in the symbolics than it might first seems to be. ^^° I'm sorry if you feel it's random. Hope you still enjoy the comics. We try our best. ^^
melonstyle Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014
The markings I'm cool with, and I appreciate the explanation. Personally I think Tunisia's hair might be better off darker (maybe a darker reddish brown), but yeah, I had a feeling you were going with the flag thing. I notice that the Tunisian flag hasn't always been like that though, so perhaps it might make more sense if the hair colour was because of hair dye? I mean, she can't have predicted how the flag would look from the get go, and it wouldn't make sense for her to have been born with those traits, like the moon/star things that your characters have got. Also noting that the Ottoman influence (which I believe inspired that symbolism in the flags?) can't really have been predicted from the get-go either. o:
PokeFreak-Kiko Featured By Owner Edited Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist
PokeFreak: Dude, it's cool how serious you take our comic, but look, it's still history-parody like the original series. I mean, look at Russia and Prussia. They have grey hair and violett / red eyes. I know other Tunisia characters that do have dark brown hair, but we decided to do it different. Instead, we gave Algeria the dark-brown hair, Morocco light brown and Libya black hair. For me, it would be to simple-minded, if all Maghreb countries would look the same. ^^ I respect your opinion though.
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tulf42 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for badging back
PokeFreak-Kiko Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Hobbyist
No problem! ^^  -  It's what we do. ^^
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